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Where Can I Learn Regular Expressions? How About Testing?

Where Can I Learn Regular Expressions Syntax and Use?

Regular expressions are fun, if you can figure out how to use use them of course. So, let’s fix that. Well, even better, just go fish on your own starting with Regular-Expressions. I kinda like how colorful that site is!

Where Can I Test My Regular Expressions?

If you are learning Regular Expressions, you probably wonder sometimes if there is a way to make sure what you have in mind will work. Well, there are several ways of testing your regex, but I have found Regex Tester to be pretty easy to use.

Et voilà! Look at you! All equipped and ready!


Git Emergency Procedure

I had to share this with you! If you have any issue remember some basic git commands here is a way you can remember at least three of them using this mnemonic device:

If case of:
> git status
> git commit
> git push
git out!

That’s all I have to say right now!
Inspiration : Louis-Michel Couture.

Image for the In case of fire git mnemonic