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What’s that text from [email protected]?

If you are like me, you did not want to open an apparently random text from [email protected] or whatever the [email protected] that just came to your phone. So you did a quick search in your favorite search engine and this article came up.

So, nothing to worry about. It’s just your optometrist or your dentist (one of those medical professionals you recently visited) reminding you of an appointment or a prescription to pick up.

Alright, with that said, here is a little disclaimer: be careful! Some crazy dude could forge this and spoof that sender’s email address. So, do not download or open any attachment if you can help it. First call your doctor to confirm (or check your email) and see if they sent you any notification.

Great! I hope you have a some peace of mind now. I did once I was reassured and run the antivirus and all the good stuff any cautious person would wanna do.

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4 thoughts on “What’s that text from [email protected]?”

  1. Thank you so much for this information. True to the information, the text I received was from a doctors office confirming an appointment.

  2. Mine is looking for a woman named Erica and when i reply STOP my messgae wont send amd i cant block them either. Its so annoying bc i dont kmow how they got my number

  3. Nope. I received a text from [email protected] tell me they are seeing patients for contact lens during the covid19 quarantine orders! I have never been to the doctors listed in the text, so I assume this is just blatant spam sent to an entire exchange. My phone plan is straight air time minutes, so they cost me money by sending this text. My number is also on the national do not call list, so they are breaking the law two different ways. The last thing I’m going to do is reply to them. Instead, I filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (not that they are going to do anything).

  4. Hello, Any Mouse. I just did a quick Google search and was able to locate an answer on a Yahoo Forum that indicates what to do in case you receive undesirable messages from the system. The following is a Copy/Paste of the answer. I hope this helps shed some light on what may have happened:
    “ is a domain name used by the Solutionreach platform to deliver informational health care text messages on behalf of providers in the healthcare industry to their patients.

    Your health care provider is one of thousands of health care providers that use the Solutionreach platform to communicate with their patients. One of the ways our health care provider customers communicate with their patients is by text message.

    Health care providers use the Solutionreach platform to provide patients with information related to their health care, such as:

    Appointment reminders

    Overdue treatments reminders

    Appointment openings

    Health care treatment options or services offered by the patient’s health care provider or clinic

    Who sent the message?

    You should find the name of the health care provider and their telephone number included in the message you received.

    No spamming

    Text messages are sent only to patients who have provided cell phone numbers to their health care provider directly. The Solutionreach platform synchronizes with the health care provider’s in-office practice management software so that only verified patients receive communications as directed by the health care provider.

    Solutionreach does not condone nor permit text message spamming of any kind. The Solutionreach platform does not have the capability to generate random or sequential cell phone numbers. Rather, messages are sent by health care providers only to the cell phone numbers patients voluntarily make available to them directly.

    How to stop the messages?

    You may stop receiving messages by doing one of the following:

    Contact the health care provider that sent you the message to tell them your communication preferences. The health care provider’s phone number should be included in the message you received.

    Login to ( to configure your messaging preferences (if your health care provider subscribes to this service).

    Reply with only the word STOP to the message you received. This will stop delivery of all future messages to your cell phone number via the Solutionreach platform.

    Not a patient of the health care provider that sent the message?

    Occasionally, a health care provider will have the wrong number for a patient. This can happen if the cell phone number of the patient has changed and their old number has been recycled to someone else, or the health care provider made a clerical error in entering the patient’s phone number into their practice management software system when received.

    If you are not a patient of the health care provider who sent you the message, please contact the health care provider to inform them so they may correct the mistake, or contact Solutionreach (1-866-605-6867) so we can remove your number from the Solutionreach platform and inform our customer of their mistake.” Source:

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